Free Real Estate Investing Software

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By downloading this software you agree not to sell this software nor give it away for any commercial or monetary purpose.

Software developer/distributor will not be liable for the use of this software, will not be liable for any damage claims to equipment software is installed on and will not be liable for any investment decisions/losses based on the information in this software. You understand that this software is only for information purposes and the user is responsible for all investment decisions. Do not trust the investment strategies not the math calculations in this software. Before making investment decisions you must educate yourself so that you can do the math yourself and always seek the advice from professionals before making investment decisions.

LOADING SOFTWARE If you already have Microsoft Access installed on your computer you only need to install the Application onto your computer. When you have a full version of MS Access on your computer you can modify and customize this software.

When you do not have MS Access installed on your computer you need to install the Runtime file first. You can install the Runtime file to any folder on your computer. I usually have a folder on my computer called Downloads. Copy the Runtime file to your Download Folder and click on the file to install the MS Access Runtime software on your computer.
When you have only MS Access Runtime installed on your computer you cannot modify nor customize the Real Estate Software. You can purchase a full web based version of MS Access for about $8 per month from Microsoft, or you can purchase a lifetime version of the software for about $129. Not a bad price to pay for one of the most-powerful database systems in the world that can do everything you can imagine to run your entire business without having to pay for any other software i.e. QuickBooks.
SOFTWARE HELP SYSTEM - Non-Traditional - There are several buttons on almost every screen with READ ME information and tips.
When you really get into a jam, and you will, call me at (310) 525-4826 and don’t expect that I can always solve your problem, immediately, when you call because I have a Day Job, but when I am at my office I will immediately assist you, or I will usually call you back in the middle of the night.
But...before you call me install TeamViewer on your computer because we can spend 5% of the time solving your problem and I can show you 100 times more rather than getting frustrated while trying to understand my explanations.
IS ALL THIS WORTH THE EXTRA WORK?   YES!!!    You are about to install the most-powerful and most-helpful real estate investing software programs in the world! And...this is going to be a great experience and lots of fun.


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